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I found Ms. Barnes through a friend of mine. I work and I’m a single mother of two. I consider myself an organized person but I just didn’t have the time and Mandy came to the rescue. I had her organize all of our closets and my kitchen. Now I can get me and my children ready for the day much more quickly and make dinner for my kiddos when I get home without having to look for everything. I highly recommend her. Thank you Mandy

Jesscia S. (Dallas, TX)


Metroplex Home Organizer did a fabulous job on my closet. Mandy is so experienced at what she does. She truly has a passion for coming in and having a vision, which I certainly did not. My closet was full and double stacked with clothes and within a matter of hours it was transformed into my own private store. She found things I’d totally forgot I even owned. So fun…I love it. Thank you Mandy for everything you’ve done.

U. Immanivong (Las Colinas, TX)

I decided that to be able to sell our house, I would have to get rid of all the junk first. I’m a bit of a hoarder. I hired Metroplex to come in, organize our home and do the staging before we put it on the market. I figured I would have her come back and pack us up once it sold. As she took it apart, I became stressed, felt discouraged. I didn’t want to even be in the house for most of the process. As the last day arrived, like magic my entire home came together in a way I could have never imagined even though I was told to trust the expert. All I can say is our house never went on the market. I felt like I was on a home make-over tv show. Our home had new life. Everything had a place and I’m forever grateful to stay where we are and not uproot my family to run away from the problems. Mandy is a true professional. She knew exactly where to start and how to get the job finished in our discussed time frame. I love that she listens to music while she does her thing, must be here zone. Thanks Metroplex

Shelley T. (Dallas, TX)


I am here to write a very happy and satisfied review of my experience with Metroplex Home Organizer. The owner Mandy entered my room of disaster and within a few minutes made several spins and her head begins to move and eyes are clearly scanning all the possibilities and BOOM she dives right in! THE ROOM of DISASTER had become a trashcan, closet, office, storage container of an entire home in only a small livable space. Fast forward to the second day, I now have a neat and organized seasonal closet, an office with working space and organization, A BED, and the sweet makings of a luxurious bedroom. THE ROOM of DISASTER requires three phases. Phase One- CLEANING OUT the 80%. It was actually liberating and I was giddy at the end of the project. Phase Two- painting, scrubbing the floor, putting up window treatments is next week! Finally my favorite part Phase Three- DECORATING and creating the bedroom of my dreams!
THANK YOU Mandy for all of your help and your energy. I would not have parted with all that mess without you. You are a blessing and I am so grateful to know you.

R. Aguilar (Sulphur Springs, TX)

I found this company through a co-worker who is friends with the owner Mandy. I ┬ámoved back from Austin a year ago and I’ve never gotten everything unpacked and organized. I work a lot of hours. I went to her website, filled out what I needed done on the contact sheet and she called me the next day. After an in-house assessment (which you can email pictures instead), she came back the next day and pulled everything apart and put it back together in ways I had never thought of. Very professional sweet young lady and she’s quick. She has a four hour minimum. She was done in three, so for the last hour she tackled some other tasks I’ve have been putting off. I would recommend her to anyone who is stressed and overwhelmed like I was. It’s been a couple of weeks and all the systems she taught me for staying organized have kept me in good shape.

Judy S. (Dallas, TX)